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Lose weight on LJ!

Lose weight on LJ
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Here's a safe place for LJ users who need a little public motivation to stick to their diets to get it! All members participate, and all comments are positive and friendly in nature.

Here's how it works - each member posts daily (or as close as possible) a list of what you ate, and what exercise you did. Weekly, members post a progress pic! Other members can give helpful hints, and positive reinforcement. Negativity is not even remotely tolerated.

Fur us, committing to post thins info publicly on a regular basis reinforces our commitments to a healthier lifestyle.


All posts must be friends only.

All members must be 18 or older and have their full birthdate (including year) listed in their profile.

All pics must be behind an lj-cut.

Relevant nudity is permitted in pics, but pornography is strictly forbidden (i.e., if you're trying to firm up your butt, post weekly butt pics. We don't know any man who is trying to lose weight from an erect penis or any woman who is really tring to shed those pounds from her spread labia). Violators will be reported to lj abuse.

All members must post on a regular basis - ideally daily updates (we understand *every* day might not be possible, but usually should be) and weekly progress pictures.

ALL comments must be positive in nature. Violators will be immediately banned and shunned by all for flaming, attacking, or discouraging members. No appeals, no discussion, just banned. This is a SAFE SPACE!

Join away!